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Khamma Ghani Resort

Located in the vibrant heart of Rajasthan, our resort is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary luxury. Every room, pathway, and amenity has been crafted with keen attention to detail, aiming to provide an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. Here, the ancient cultural tales of the region meet the comforts of the modern world.

Our passionate team, deeply entrenched in Rajasthani heritage, is dedicated to delivering an authentic experience. From our curated events to the local cuisines we serve, we aim to immerse our guests in the rich tapestry of local traditions and stories. With us, every stay becomes a journey through Rajasthan’s soul.

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At Khamma Ghani Resort, we merge Rajasthani heritage with unmatched luxury, crafting memorable experiences. Dive into our distinctive features:


What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear firsthand from travelers who’ve embarked on unforgettable journeys through Jaisalmer with our meticulously crafted packages. Their stories inspire our continued excellence.

Amazing place to spend family time. The staff is really good and provide all the service without delay. Owners also treat you like family members. Food and hospitality is amazing.


We stayed in the deluxe rooms which were like the best rooms amongst all. The food and snacks were just average. The cultural program was good.

Khambhati Zuber Tourist

It was nice to stay with this property. All staff members were very cooperative. I enjoyed my journey a lot. And there is an unforgettable memory linked with the resort.

Shaukin Rawat Tourist

I came here with a Family we had great time over here. We stayed for one days and the visit was worthy. The DJ night was amazing and we kept dancing whole night.

Nareshchandra Chaudhari Tourist